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I have listened to my heart and Followed My Urge to create this beautiful piece of Art... I used Colours, Textures and Marks which goes well with eachother .. And here is a Final Look of Mixmedia Abstract Painting on Box Canvas... Used thread to give embroidery effect on piece of jute in the middle... I name this painting 💕
""Strong  Desire""💕.... 
Size 30"×20" inches ( 76.2 cm ×50.8 cm ) 

The canvas is acid free and has a medium grain. It is back-stapled to a sturdy wooden frame, with corner wedges for additional support. A quality white canvas of 380gsm,

Depth: 4cm (1.6 inches)

Triple primed with gesso


Vegan friendly

100%unbleached cotton

Includes corner wedges

Acid free

Added depth for stand-out display

Strong Desire

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