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Title; " Every Little Thing Matters "

Painting Title..,"Every Little Things Matters..." 
so Little things do Matter..Actually little things matters the most.. Everybody pays alot of attention to big things but nobody seems to understand that big things are almost always made up of little things..Never ignore Little things..if you focus more and pay more attention on small things it beautify and convert into a large beautiful piece that can impress & catch everyones eyes..this Painting of mine is full of so many little details  and those little details combined to create this beautiful large piece,  its not possible to make it that beautiful if I don’t focus on those little areas and details I add in I would say Great things are done by a series of small things brought together....

Dimensions (120cm×100cm) large canvas
Acrylic in Canvas ..

Crystals, gems ,  Amethyst Stones, Crystal Rose stones, Granite stones.. use in this and cured with Resin...

Neon color scheme & used silver leaf
beautiful colourful painting

Shipping worldwide 

on stretched canvas

In UK Buyers: Your new original art will arrive to you on the stretcher bars and wired ready to hang. Please advise if you plan to have the canvas framed and we will not attach the fixings for hanging. 

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS : Due to its considerable size this canvas will be removed from the stretcher bars and ship securely rolled in a tube. Your local framer can restretch the canvas for you from your end. This is the safest and most cost effective method of international delivery
means I can post this as it is as on a stretched canvas..

 (( It can be post worldwide in a secured tube roll , removed from the stretcher, and once you recieve it, it can be stretch on canvas by any framer very easily ))

Shipping worldwide but for this size; 
I can post it after remove it from stretch canvas and rolled into a tube to post ...  
For shipping worldwide ( please email on website or DM on Instagram before you buy only if outside UK)

Every Little Thing Matters

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