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These Beautiful Colourful Abstract Paintings Comes as a set of 3..

Resin coating On Top...


Size 20cm by 20cm each painting







Tawakkul (Arabic: تَوَكُّل‎) in the Arabic language, is the word for the Islamic concept of the reliance on God or "trusting in God's plan. Success is only achieved when trust is in God and the believer is steadfast and obeys God's commands.



Sabr ‎‎صَبْرٌ & Shukr شكر are Arabic words that mean patience & gratitude, two halves of faith, and the perfect philosophy for life, irrespective of our faith.


These Paintings in your place remind you to be patient in difficult times, to give thanks for every little thing in good times & bad, and to have faith in yourself and your Maker at all times..


Medium used ;

Oil paints, Acrylic paints, Posca paint pens, Alcohol ink and gave 2 coats of gloss varnish in end..


These pieces can increase any rooms beauty...

SABAR , SHUKAR, TAWAKKUL Acrylic Painting Wall Art Home decor canvas

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