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Updated: Feb 19

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I have a dream to establish my creative business for long time and now I can see some light of hope.. now somehow the dream starts getting a shape.. AlhumduAllah🤲

To establish a business is not that easy since I am in this I start getting to know all the behind scenes, how tough it is to manage website, social media, posting your item on different shops/platforms and divert traffic to your website, find your Ideal customers and with all that find a time to create, creative time which is main source of a business... I have no special education in business but with the time and an afford l am putting in this, I gradually start learning new skills to run a business and still Alot to learn.. but yes I realise one thing that its is a process and you learn small things each day. I don't know If I will be successful one day but atleast I am trying and for this I am Happy😊.

Making Art is my passion but to have business out of it is comes out with a dream to help my husband in financial matters.

I am not working because I have to look after 3 young children and they are our 1st priority so we decided that my husband will work & I will look after our kids...

He is doing extra hours of work and even working on weekends after a whole week of hardwork😐 ...Just because he knows he is the one who have to pay the bills & rent in the end.. A thought is always running in my mind and I can't take myself out of it, a dream to help this man in any case and share his burden so he can have some relax time, even he never expect this from me and I am proud of him as he never did any complain & just continously doing all hardwork with a smile on his face❤

So now all my struggle is just to support him so he can relax on weekends & enjoy that time with us.. inshAllah

and Thank you so much for reading this all and keep supporting my work...☺ ❤❤


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