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Splattered Paint

Tailored For You

A bespoke commission is an artwork created around your specifications.

Size, colours and mediums are all aspects that you decide on when working with the artist.

Designer Apartment

A One-Of-A-Kind Piece

A bespoke commission from Maryam Art Studio means it is a one-off, the artist never re-creates a commissioned piece, and never takes copies for prints! The only place you will see your commission will be on your wall, on the artist's social media and on this website.

Artist Painting a Mural

Created Around Your Budget

One great aspect of a bespoke commission is price! Having an artwork that is tailored for you means it also fits your budget. You and the artist work together to create something unique.

Artist with Paintbrushes

Certificate Of Authenticity

Each and every artwork created is an original one-of-a-kind piece, with each artwork follows a personalised certificate of authenticity. A special Certificate is given when the artwork is a one-off Bespoke Commission.

Painting Studio
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A Gift?


A bespoke commission allows you to own an original one-off piece of art that has been created around your needs and desires!


However, this can also mean you are seeking a commissioned work for someone else as a gift.

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