I’m Maryam, A Mother & London based Contemporary Artist. Passionate about spreading Happiness & Positivity through bright Rainbow Tastic Paint. I Paint Colourful Abstract Art. Art has always been part of my life in different ways and now its nearly become an obsession.

I enjoy experimenting with different materials and techniques so I select the material mindfully and start to create all into an exceptional and unique piece of art. The end result gives a powerful reflection of inspiration and challenges that I gather from the beauty I personally see in the world.

Maryam Art Studio is born out of a combination of my passion and my love towards art and colours, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional and bright. Making art is my passion, when I am not busy working on a project I am thinking about new ideas. Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world.

Explore my world of abstract, colourful beauty! There are no rules, only endless inspiration. My beautiful Kids are most often by my easel while I paint.

Artist Statement

My work is characterised by colourful abstract and intuitive art. As an intuitive painter, I rarely begin with a clearly defined picture before I start creating. Rather, I begin with some color selections and allow the process to determine the direction. My work is based on layers textues and end up with lots of mark making technique & details. I say my art is inspired by anything, everything & infused with positivity and reflects nature. I create happy art full of hope, joy, colours and positivity. I frequently use acrylic paints, acrylic inks, & alcohol inks. I also use paint pens to create marks & details. I do use Resin in some of my projects too. Most often my works are done on canvas, however, I do paint on paper, cradle & MDF board as well.

Instagram is my primary platform for selling my art so follow @maryam.artstudio to keep up with the latest. You can also browse & shop currently available artworks under the Shop Tab in the Menu.