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Colour Addict 🌈 Creative Soul With Many Ideas

Maryam is a modern abstract artist currently living and working in England, UK.
She specializes in creating modern large abstract art working with layers of rich textures, acrylics and gold leaf. Through her recent abstract art, she is representing her journey to discover various emotions of life.
She was born in Lahore, Pakistan, where she spent most of her childhood. Colours & patterns in her work reflects her strong bound with the culture she belongs.
She started working as a full-time professional artist in 2018. She enjoys experimenting with different materials and techniques, so she selects the material mindfully and start to create all into an exceptional and unique piece of art. The end result gives a powerful reflection of inspiration and challenges that she gathers from the beauty she personally sees in the world.

Maryam Art Studio is born out of a combination of her passion and my love towards art and colours, which allows her perspective as an artist to remain traditional and bright. Making art is her passion, when she is not busy working on a project she is thinking about new ideas. Art is how she battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world.

Explore her world of abstract, colourful beauty! There are no rules, only endless inspiration. Her beautiful Kids are most often by her easel while she paints.


Artist Statement


Maryam ​has always been a strong believer that positive thoughts become positive things.
Her work is characterised by Colourful Modern Abstract, and She has an Intuitive Art Approach.
As an intuitive painter, she rarely begins with a clearly defined picture before start creating. Rather, she begins with some color selections and allow the process to determine the direction. Her work is based on layers textures and end up with lots of mark making technique & details. Her art is inspired by anything, everything & infused with positivity and reflects nature. She creates happy art that uplifts & inspires. Art full of hope, joy, colours and positivity. She usually uses acrylic paints, acrylic inks & resin to create an art piece. She also uses paint pens to create marks & details. She mostly works on canvas; however, she does paint on paper & MDF board Aswell.

I share my work on Instagram @maryam.artstudio.

The public eye has widely recognized her natural talent, and her works are now seen in the homes of various collectors and commercials UK, USA & Europe.

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